Can you run that PC game?

PC gaming is as popular as ever and it is no wonder why. There are so many great PC games available, whatever your chosen genre, with a steady stream of new releases adding to their number . Especially this time of year, new releases are plenty, all timed for the festive market.

All this is good news for PC gamers but one important thing you need to know before purchasing that game is, can your PC handle it?

An easy way to find out is running an automated service like “Can You Run It”


Head over to Select your game of choice from the drop down list and click Can You Run It.

CanYouRunIt screenshot






Select the Desktop App and click Start.


CanYouRunIt Install  








Follow the installation instructions and once complete you will be directed back to the website with the results for your selected game displayed. Now that the Desktop App is installed, in future, just return to the site and select any further games you need to check.